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Peugeot HX1 Concept Car


French car maker Peugeot will show at the IAA with a very sporty concept car Peugeot 2011 Peugeot HX1 that can adapt to driving conditions, operation and environment. The man was driven by vision, including developers and designers at Peugeot. Future cars must be able to adapt to user needs. Is the French invaded adaptive car, they are combined in the study HX1 Peugeot, which will be presented at the IAA for the first time.

The result is an extremely athletic subscribed van concept that will accommodate six people. The Peugeot HX1 extends to 4.95 meters in length and stands almost two meters in width, but only 1.37 meters in height. This results in a racy lines and a Luftwiderstandbeiwert of Cd 0.28. The aerodynamics will also be beneficial to numerous control blades and movable flaps. Elements in the wheel spokes in driving this change in quasi disc wheels. At the rear, retractable spoiler and air guiding elements for a streamlined flow of air up to 100 km / h.

At the front of the cat eye-shaped headlamps dominate the dynamic look of the 2011 Peugeot HX1 Concept, on the flanks followed by the rising beltline extremely selfsame rules. Highlight of the Peugeot HX1 but his door concept.

Imaginative in concept are the seat of the Peugeot HX1. Six individual seats waiting for the passengers. The two seats in the middle row can be moved in the longitudinal direction vanish, in extreme cases even completely in the backs of the front seats, creating space in the rear is royal. Serve with the marble deposits and the integrated coffee machine in the center console.

The other 2011 Peugeot HX1 Concept Car interior combines leather, wood, aluminum, and LED lighting elements to create an atmosphere of sophistication Peugeot HX1.


Toyota Tacoma Limited Edition

Tacoma-TRD-TX-Baja-Series-Limited-Edition-SideToyota Tacoma TRD T|X Baja Series Limited Edition

2012 Toyota Tacoma TRD T|X Baja Series Limited Edition was presented at the Texas State Fair. The model brings new details to meet the toughest floors, has electronically controlled rear differential, traction control and also assistant descent, the Downhill Assist Control Toyota Tacoma.

Toyota Tacoma The suspension is five inches taller, the springs are Bilstein shocks and TRD. The tires are BF Goodrich T/A KO. The engine used in the 2012 Tacoma TRD T|X Baja Series Limited Edition is a 4.0 V6 with six-speed manual gearbox or 5-speed automatic transmission Toyota Tacoma.



2012 BMW 640d


2012 BMW 640D. Latest concept from BMW 6 Series now feature BMW's newest car Coupe 640D version. With the advanced technology applied, this car can be driven in comfort and sports performance is also very significant. Model and interior design is well managed and equipped with a navigation system runs on screen and also the location of the steering wheel on the right. Indeed the latest innovation from bmw 6 series.

In addition to the existing comfort in the interior, the car is powered form the newly developed chassis. 2012 BMW 640d Machine was adopted on diesel powerplant turbochanged.





2012 BMW 640d Engine

The world’s sportiest diesel engine is a 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged in-line six-cylinder unit producing 313hp at 4,400rpm and 630Nm of torque from only 1,500rpm with the help of variable geometry turbocharging. The 2012 BMW 640d is capable of accelerating from zero to 62mph in 5.5seconds before topping out at an electronicallylimited top speed of 155mph.

Despite its lower height, the new 2+2 BMW 6-Series Coupe offers greater headroom in both the front and the rear, and height adjustment of the driver and front passenger seats now cover a greater range too. The individual rear sets also provide passengers with additional shoulder and elbow room, making for more comfortable cruising.

The front passenger area is bordered by a surface curving elegantly from the armrest over the side edge of the centre console, upwards and outwards into the instrument panel and then horizontally into the door trim, surrounding the front passenger area with a feeling of exclusive security 2012 BMW 640d.



2013 BMW 5 ActiveHybrid

BMW takes the development of intelligent systems Hybrid Drive to the next level with the introduction of the BMW ActiveHybrid 5 hybrid - a second production run of the model in which a combustion engine and electric motor join forces to improve efficiency and characteristic

the mark of driving pleasure. BMW 5-Active Hybrid BMW TwinPower includes a Turbo engine six cylinder in line, an electric drive system and an automatic transmission with eight speeds for the first time.

The latest generation of BMW ActiveHybrid technology also adds precisely controlled - and therefore highly efficient - energy management to all. This gives the BMW 5 Series hybrid asset a unique balance of performance and fuel economy to premium executive class cars. Its drive system generates a total output of 250 kW/340 hp, the car can run in electric only mode up to 60 km / h (37 mph), accelerates the BMW 5-active hybrid from 0 to 100 km / h (62 mph) in fifth

9 / 2, the cross-average consumption is between 6.4 and 7.0 liters per 100 km (44-40 mpg imp), and has CO2 emissions of only 149-163 grams per kilometer (data based on the cycle EU test, the form may vary depending on the tire as defined).

The engine of 225 kW/306 hp six-cylinder BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, the BMW ActiveHybrid 5 hybrid is the same device is known for its ability to increase the freedom, strength and efficiency in the BMW 535i. The electric motor, in turn, develops 40 kW/55 bhp and is powered by a high-performance lithium-ion battery in the luggage compartment.


2012 BMW M5

A change of direction is nearly unique in the segment that brings together business rooms with a dynamic monitoring unit ultra-concentrated and chassis technology. The new BMW M5 is ready to build on the tradition of its predecessors and once again redefine the experience of performance available in a car with four doors. Sample conceptual harmony, the state of the art technology and a surprisingly dynamic management for BMW M are known, the fifth generation of BMW M5 fuels the passion for drivers looking for performance and blends in inimitable style, with the universal qualities of a luxury sedan of the highest quality.

The most powerful engine ever installed in a production model produced from BMW M GmbH, the innovative M active differential - that maximizes power transfer to the rear wheels - the chassis and specific technological models developed in the back of ' depth experience to ensure all races the BMW M5 a dominant position in the market for high-performance sedans.

The new BMW M5 is a high performance sports car, the unusual dynamic potential is fully focused on the application for field use, yet which also sets new standards in everyday driving with comfort on the road at the top and features innovative equipment. It also sets the pace in its class in terms of efficiency. History of success in the car segment over 25 years ago founded the original BMW M5 will continue for the moment in a contemporary exciting.

Under the hood of the new BMW M5 is a newly designed high-rpm V8 engine with M TwinPower Turbo (composed of Twin Scroll Twin Turbo technology, an exhaust manifold of the Red Bank, High Precision Injection direct fuel injection and Valvetronic fully variable valve control) maximum output of 412 kW/560 hp at 6000-7000 rpm and maximum torque of 680 Nm (502 lb-ft) between 1500 and 5750 rpm. Delivery and instantaneous power cell cars still knows M is the key to accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h (62 mph) in 4.4 seconds (0 to 200 km/h/124 km / h: 13, 0 seconds.) Average fuel consumption test cycle of the EU is 9.9 liters per 100 km / 28.5 mpg (CO2 emissions: 232 g / km) IMP. While production has increased by about 10 percent and a maximum torque has increased by more than 30 percent, the new BMW M5 fuel burns over 30 percent less than its predecessor.


2012 BMW 640d Coupe

Now in its third generation, the new BMW 6 Series Coupe, the luxury 2 +2 concept further by matching the improved comfort and a stylish design with an athletic performance to a level even higher. BMW 6 Series Coupe is equipped with a sweeping roof off, while the long hood, short-hang on, down cabin with Hofmeister kink, long wheelbase and size platform embodies the proportions typical of a BMW Coupe, more than any another model.

BMW only two gasoline and two turbodiesel engines a turbo, a new chassis and a lot of advanced technology for driver assistance that the new BMW 6 Series Coupé, is full of substance, while the interior and comfort have been improved .


The new BMW 6 Series Coupe has a long sweeping hood, the descent of the cab and roof line that flows. It 'been a traditional "shark-nose" with a big BMW, forward oblique BMW kidney grille, large air intakes, wide, muscular wheel arches and contoured hood, a strong bond with the underlying engine. Inspired by the movement of water, flowing lines of the car in combination with delicate curved surfaces to create the look of sporty elegance, with an increase of 74 mm in length and 5 mm lower creates a strong attitude.

Lines of text that extends throughout the body defines the side view of BMW 6 Series Coupé. The long hood stretches the flat silhouette, while the sweeping roof line in a fluid, in combination with the effort of the main body, in a sleek coupe, while the frameless doors and side window chrome lines highlight the BMW Hofmeister elbow tight in general.